Our Wedding Pictures!!!

11 Apr

First and foremost, Nikki and I would like to thank each and every one of you for being a very special part of our wedding. Whether you read our blog posts leading up to, or were there on the day of, we truly thank you for your support.

Second, we’d like to apologize for the delay on posting content after our “BIG DAY.” The plan was to post our wedding photos soon after we received them but it didn’t happen. In fact, we tried to bundle all the images into a blog post months ago but the technology available did not make it easy to post nearly 1,000 photos on our blog. At that point, Nikki and I agreed that maybe we shouldn’t post pictures and we shouldn’t bother cluttering your news feed with more wedding news.

Today of all days, I felt that it was necessary to complete our digital love story and finally share our special day with you.

We hope that you enjoy all of the pictures taken by Studio Castillero, and please feel free to save, share and leave us comments.

Thanks for reading!
ozzie_nikki_wed_0001 ozzie_nikki_wed_0007 ozzie_nikki_wed_0008 ozzie_nikki_wed_0010 ozzie_nikki_wed_0015 ozzie_nikki_wed_0017 ozzie_nikki_wed_0018 ozzie_nikki_wed_0020 ozzie_nikki_wed_0024 ozzie_nikki_wed_0026 ozzie_nikki_wed_0028 ozzie_nikki_wed_0035 ozzie_nikki_wed_0037 ozzie_nikki_wed_0041 ozzie_nikki_wed_0042 ozzie_nikki_wed_0044 ozzie_nikki_wed_0053 ozzie_nikki_wed_0055 ozzie_nikki_wed_0057 ozzie_nikki_wed_0058 ozzie_nikki_wed_0059 ozzie_nikki_wed_0060 ozzie_nikki_wed_0061 ozzie_nikki_wed_0063 ozzie_nikki_wed_0065 ozzie_nikki_wed_0067 ozzie_nikki_wed_0069 ozzie_nikki_wed_0072 ozzie_nikki_wed_0073 ozzie_nikki_wed_0075 ozzie_nikki_wed_0076 ozzie_nikki_wed_0078 ozzie_nikki_wed_0079 ozzie_nikki_wed_0080 ozzie_nikki_wed_0082 ozzie_nikki_wed_0086 ozzie_nikki_wed_0087 ozzie_nikki_wed_0088 ozzie_nikki_wed_0089 ozzie_nikki_wed_0092 ozzie_nikki_wed_0093 ozzie_nikki_wed_0099 ozzie_nikki_wed_0101 ozzie_nikki_wed_0103 ozzie_nikki_wed_0104 ozzie_nikki_wed_0105 ozzie_nikki_wed_0109 ozzie_nikki_wed_0111 ozzie_nikki_wed_0113 ozzie_nikki_wed_0115 ozzie_nikki_wed_0121 ozzie_nikki_wed_0122 ozzie_nikki_wed_0128 ozzie_nikki_wed_0131 ozzie_nikki_wed_0132 ozzie_nikki_wed_0136 ozzie_nikki_wed_0137 ozzie_nikki_wed_0139 ozzie_nikki_wed_0144 ozzie_nikki_wed_0146 ozzie_nikki_wed_0148 ozzie_nikki_wed_0150 ozzie_nikki_wed_0151 ozzie_nikki_wed_0152 ozzie_nikki_wed_0153 ozzie_nikki_wed_0154 ozzie_nikki_wed_0155 ozzie_nikki_wed_0156 ozzie_nikki_wed_0157 ozzie_nikki_wed_0158 ozzie_nikki_wed_0160 ozzie_nikki_wed_0162 ozzie_nikki_wed_0164 ozzie_nikki_wed_0166 ozzie_nikki_wed_0168 ozzie_nikki_wed_0169 ozzie_nikki_wed_0172 ozzie_nikki_wed_0173 ozzie_nikki_wed_0175 ozzie_nikki_wed_0176 ozzie_nikki_wed_0178 ozzie_nikki_wed_0181 ozzie_nikki_wed_0182 ozzie_nikki_wed_0184 ozzie_nikki_wed_0185 ozzie_nikki_wed_0186 ozzie_nikki_wed_0187 ozzie_nikki_wed_0188 ozzie_nikki_wed_0189 ozzie_nikki_wed_0190 ozzie_nikki_wed_0191 ozzie_nikki_wed_0192 ozzie_nikki_wed_0193 ozzie_nikki_wed_0194 ozzie_nikki_wed_0195 ozzie_nikki_wed_0196 ozzie_nikki_wed_0197 ozzie_nikki_wed_0198 ozzie_nikki_wed_0199 ozzie_nikki_wed_0201 ozzie_nikki_wed_0206 ozzie_nikki_wed_0208 ozzie_nikki_wed_0209 ozzie_nikki_wed_0211 ozzie_nikki_wed_0214 ozzie_nikki_wed_0215 ozzie_nikki_wed_0217 ozzie_nikki_wed_0221 ozzie_nikki_wed_0222 ozzie_nikki_wed_0229 ozzie_nikki_wed_0234 ozzie_nikki_wed_0241 ozzie_nikki_wed_0242 ozzie_nikki_wed_0243 ozzie_nikki_wed_0252 ozzie_nikki_wed_0253 ozzie_nikki_wed_0261 ozzie_nikki_wed_0262 ozzie_nikki_wed_0268 ozzie_nikki_wed_0284 ozzie_nikki_wed_0293 ozzie_nikki_wed_0297 ozzie_nikki_wed_0299 ozzie_nikki_wed_0304 ozzie_nikki_wed_0309 ozzie_nikki_wed_0321 ozzie_nikki_wed_0322 ozzie_nikki_wed_0323 ozzie_nikki_wed_0325 ozzie_nikki_wed_0326 ozzie_nikki_wed_0328 ozzie_nikki_wed_0329 ozzie_nikki_wed_0330 ozzie_nikki_wed_0334 ozzie_nikki_wed_0335 ozzie_nikki_wed_0337 ozzie_nikki_wed_0351 ozzie_nikki_wed_0352 ozzie_nikki_wed_0354 ozzie_nikki_wed_0356 ozzie_nikki_wed_0360 ozzie_nikki_wed_0364 ozzie_nikki_wed_0365 ozzie_nikki_wed_0368 ozzie_nikki_wed_0370 ozzie_nikki_wed_0374 ozzie_nikki_wed_0378 ozzie_nikki_wed_0380 ozzie_nikki_wed_0388 ozzie_nikki_wed_0389 ozzie_nikki_wed_0392 ozzie_nikki_wed_0393 ozzie_nikki_wed_0394 ozzie_nikki_wed_0395 ozzie_nikki_wed_0396 ozzie_nikki_wed_0397 ozzie_nikki_wed_0398 ozzie_nikki_wed_0399 ozzie_nikki_wed_0400 ozzie_nikki_wed_0401 ozzie_nikki_wed_0402 ozzie_nikki_wed_0403 ozzie_nikki_wed_0404 ozzie_nikki_wed_0405 ozzie_nikki_wed_0406 ozzie_nikki_wed_0407 ozzie_nikki_wed_0408 ozzie_nikki_wed_0409 ozzie_nikki_wed_0410 ozzie_nikki_wed_0411 ozzie_nikki_wed_0412 ozzie_nikki_wed_0413 ozzie_nikki_wed_0414 ozzie_nikki_wed_0415 ozzie_nikki_wed_0416 ozzie_nikki_wed_0417 ozzie_nikki_wed_0418 ozzie_nikki_wed_0419 ozzie_nikki_wed_0420 ozzie_nikki_wed_0421 ozzie_nikki_wed_0422 ozzie_nikki_wed_0423 ozzie_nikki_wed_0424 ozzie_nikki_wed_0425 ozzie_nikki_wed_0426 ozzie_nikki_wed_0427 ozzie_nikki_wed_0428 ozzie_nikki_wed_0429 ozzie_nikki_wed_0430 ozzie_nikki_wed_0433 ozzie_nikki_wed_0435 ozzie_nikki_wed_0437 ozzie_nikki_wed_0441 ozzie_nikki_wed_0446 ozzie_nikki_wed_0447 ozzie_nikki_wed_0450 ozzie_nikki_wed_0451 ozzie_nikki_wed_0453 ozzie_nikki_wed_0456 ozzie_nikki_wed_0457 ozzie_nikki_wed_0458 ozzie_nikki_wed_0462 ozzie_nikki_wed_0466 ozzie_nikki_wed_0467 ozzie_nikki_wed_0468 ozzie_nikki_wed_0469 ozzie_nikki_wed_0470 ozzie_nikki_wed_0471 ozzie_nikki_wed_0473 ozzie_nikki_wed_0475 ozzie_nikki_wed_0476 ozzie_nikki_wed_0477 ozzie_nikki_wed_0478 ozzie_nikki_wed_0479 ozzie_nikki_wed_0480 ozzie_nikki_wed_0481 ozzie_nikki_wed_0482 ozzie_nikki_wed_0483 ozzie_nikki_wed_0484 ozzie_nikki_wed_0485 ozzie_nikki_wed_0486 ozzie_nikki_wed_0487 ozzie_nikki_wed_0488 ozzie_nikki_wed_0489 ozzie_nikki_wed_0490 ozzie_nikki_wed_0491 ozzie_nikki_wed_0492 ozzie_nikki_wed_0493 ozzie_nikki_wed_0494 ozzie_nikki_wed_0495 ozzie_nikki_wed_0496 ozzie_nikki_wed_0497 ozzie_nikki_wed_0499 ozzie_nikki_wed_0500 ozzie_nikki_wed_0504 ozzie_nikki_wed_0505 ozzie_nikki_wed_0507 ozzie_nikki_wed_0515 ozzie_nikki_wed_0522 ozzie_nikki_wed_0524 ozzie_nikki_wed_0525 ozzie_nikki_wed_0530 ozzie_nikki_wed_0531 ozzie_nikki_wed_0533 ozzie_nikki_wed_0536 ozzie_nikki_wed_0537 ozzie_nikki_wed_0540 ozzie_nikki_wed_0542 ozzie_nikki_wed_0545 ozzie_nikki_wed_0549 ozzie_nikki_wed_0550 ozzie_nikki_wed_0551 ozzie_nikki_wed_0552 ozzie_nikki_wed_0553 ozzie_nikki_wed_0554 ozzie_nikki_wed_0557 ozzie_nikki_wed_0558 ozzie_nikki_wed_0559 ozzie_nikki_wed_0560 ozzie_nikki_wed_0561 ozzie_nikki_wed_0564 ozzie_nikki_wed_0566 ozzie_nikki_wed_0571 ozzie_nikki_wed_0573 ozzie_nikki_wed_0574 ozzie_nikki_wed_0575 ozzie_nikki_wed_0579 ozzie_nikki_wed_0580 ozzie_nikki_wed_0583 ozzie_nikki_wed_0584 ozzie_nikki_wed_0591 ozzie_nikki_wed_0592 ozzie_nikki_wed_0593 ozzie_nikki_wed_0594 ozzie_nikki_wed_0595 ozzie_nikki_wed_0596 ozzie_nikki_wed_0598 ozzie_nikki_wed_0599 ozzie_nikki_wed_0602 ozzie_nikki_wed_0604 ozzie_nikki_wed_0605 ozzie_nikki_wed_0607 ozzie_nikki_wed_0608 ozzie_nikki_wed_0609 ozzie_nikki_wed_0610 ozzie_nikki_wed_0611 ozzie_nikki_wed_0612 ozzie_nikki_wed_0613 ozzie_nikki_wed_0614 ozzie_nikki_wed_0615 ozzie_nikki_wed_0616 ozzie_nikki_wed_0617 ozzie_nikki_wed_0618 ozzie_nikki_wed_0619 ozzie_nikki_wed_0620 ozzie_nikki_wed_0621 ozzie_nikki_wed_0623 ozzie_nikki_wed_0626 ozzie_nikki_wed_0628 ozzie_nikki_wed_0629 ozzie_nikki_wed_0631 ozzie_nikki_wed_0632 ozzie_nikki_wed_0633 ozzie_nikki_wed_0634 ozzie_nikki_wed_0635 ozzie_nikki_wed_0636 ozzie_nikki_wed_0637 ozzie_nikki_wed_0638 ozzie_nikki_wed_0639 ozzie_nikki_wed_0640 ozzie_nikki_wed_0641 ozzie_nikki_wed_0642 ozzie_nikki_wed_0643 ozzie_nikki_wed_0644 ozzie_nikki_wed_0645 ozzie_nikki_wed_0646 ozzie_nikki_wed_0648 ozzie_nikki_wed_0650 ozzie_nikki_wed_0651 ozzie_nikki_wed_0652 ozzie_nikki_wed_0653 ozzie_nikki_wed_0654 ozzie_nikki_wed_0656 ozzie_nikki_wed_0657 ozzie_nikki_wed_0658 ozzie_nikki_wed_0660 ozzie_nikki_wed_0661 ozzie_nikki_wed_0662 ozzie_nikki_wed_0663 ozzie_nikki_wed_0664 ozzie_nikki_wed_0665 ozzie_nikki_wed_0666 ozzie_nikki_wed_0667 ozzie_nikki_wed_0669 ozzie_nikki_wed_0670 ozzie_nikki_wed_0671 ozzie_nikki_wed_0672 ozzie_nikki_wed_0673 ozzie_nikki_wed_0675 ozzie_nikki_wed_0676 ozzie_nikki_wed_0678 ozzie_nikki_wed_0679 ozzie_nikki_wed_0680 ozzie_nikki_wed_0683 ozzie_nikki_wed_0684 ozzie_nikki_wed_0687 ozzie_nikki_wed_0688 ozzie_nikki_wed_0689 ozzie_nikki_wed_0690 ozzie_nikki_wed_0691 ozzie_nikki_wed_0692 ozzie_nikki_wed_0693 ozzie_nikki_wed_0694 ozzie_nikki_wed_0695 ozzie_nikki_wed_0696 ozzie_nikki_wed_0697 ozzie_nikki_wed_0698 ozzie_nikki_wed_0699 ozzie_nikki_wed_0700 ozzie_nikki_wed_0701 ozzie_nikki_wed_0702 ozzie_nikki_wed_0703 ozzie_nikki_wed_0704 ozzie_nikki_wed_0705 ozzie_nikki_wed_0706 ozzie_nikki_wed_0707 ozzie_nikki_wed_0708 ozzie_nikki_wed_0710 ozzie_nikki_wed_0713 ozzie_nikki_wed_0714 ozzie_nikki_wed_0715 ozzie_nikki_wed_0716 ozzie_nikki_wed_0717 ozzie_nikki_wed_0718 ozzie_nikki_wed_0719 ozzie_nikki_wed_0720 ozzie_nikki_wed_0721 ozzie_nikki_wed_0723 ozzie_nikki_wed_0727 ozzie_nikki_wed_0728 ozzie_nikki_wed_0729 ozzie_nikki_wed_0730 ozzie_nikki_wed_0732 ozzie_nikki_wed_0733 ozzie_nikki_wed_0734 ozzie_nikki_wed_0737 ozzie_nikki_wed_0739 ozzie_nikki_wed_0740 ozzie_nikki_wed_0742 ozzie_nikki_wed_0743 ozzie_nikki_wed_0745 ozzie_nikki_wed_0748 ozzie_nikki_wed_0754 ozzie_nikki_wed_0755 ozzie_nikki_wed_0756 ozzie_nikki_wed_0757 ozzie_nikki_wed_0758 ozzie_nikki_wed_0760 ozzie_nikki_wed_0761 ozzie_nikki_wed_0762 ozzie_nikki_wed_0763 ozzie_nikki_wed_0764 ozzie_nikki_wed_0765 ozzie_nikki_wed_0766 ozzie_nikki_wed_0767 ozzie_nikki_wed_0768 ozzie_nikki_wed_0769 ozzie_nikki_wed_0770 ozzie_nikki_wed_0771 ozzie_nikki_wed_0772 ozzie_nikki_wed_0773 ozzie_nikki_wed_0776 ozzie_nikki_wed_0777 ozzie_nikki_wed_0778 ozzie_nikki_wed_0779 ozzie_nikki_wed_0780 ozzie_nikki_wed_0781 ozzie_nikki_wed_0782 ozzie_nikki_wed_0783 ozzie_nikki_wed_0785 ozzie_nikki_wed_0788 ozzie_nikki_wed_0789 ozzie_nikki_wed_0792 ozzie_nikki_wed_0794 ozzie_nikki_wed_0795 ozzie_nikki_wed_0796 ozzie_nikki_wed_0797 ozzie_nikki_wed_0799 ozzie_nikki_wed_0800 ozzie_nikki_wed_0801 ozzie_nikki_wed_0802 ozzie_nikki_wed_0806 ozzie_nikki_wed_0807 ozzie_nikki_wed_0808 ozzie_nikki_wed_0810 ozzie_nikki_wed_0811 ozzie_nikki_wed_0812 ozzie_nikki_wed_0813 ozzie_nikki_wed_0814 ozzie_nikki_wed_0815 ozzie_nikki_wed_0816 ozzie_nikki_wed_0817 ozzie_nikki_wed_0818 ozzie_nikki_wed_0819 ozzie_nikki_wed_0820 ozzie_nikki_wed_0821 ozzie_nikki_wed_0822 ozzie_nikki_wed_0823 ozzie_nikki_wed_0824 ozzie_nikki_wed_0825 ozzie_nikki_wed_0826 ozzie_nikki_wed_0827 ozzie_nikki_wed_0828 ozzie_nikki_wed_0829 ozzie_nikki_wed_0830 ozzie_nikki_wed_0831 ozzie_nikki_wed_0832 ozzie_nikki_wed_0833 ozzie_nikki_wed_0834 ozzie_nikki_wed_0835 ozzie_nikki_wed_0836 ozzie_nikki_wed_0837 ozzie_nikki_wed_0838 ozzie_nikki_wed_0839 ozzie_nikki_wed_0840 ozzie_nikki_wed_0842 ozzie_nikki_wed_0843 ozzie_nikki_wed_0844 ozzie_nikki_wed_0846 ozzie_nikki_wed_0847 ozzie_nikki_wed_0848 ozzie_nikki_wed_0849 ozzie_nikki_wed_0850 ozzie_nikki_wed_0851 ozzie_nikki_wed_0852 ozzie_nikki_wed_0853 ozzie_nikki_wed_0854 ozzie_nikki_wed_0855 ozzie_nikki_wed_0856 ozzie_nikki_wed_0857 ozzie_nikki_wed_0858 ozzie_nikki_wed_0859 ozzie_nikki_wed_0860 ozzie_nikki_wed_0861 ozzie_nikki_wed_0862 ozzie_nikki_wed_0863 ozzie_nikki_wed_0864 ozzie_nikki_wed_0866 ozzie_nikki_wed_0867 ozzie_nikki_wed_0869 ozzie_nikki_wed_0870 ozzie_nikki_wed_0872 ozzie_nikki_wed_0873 ozzie_nikki_wed_0874 ozzie_nikki_wed_0875 ozzie_nikki_wed_0876 ozzie_nikki_wed_0877 ozzie_nikki_wed_0878 ozzie_nikki_wed_0879 ozzie_nikki_wed_0881 ozzie_nikki_wed_0883 ozzie_nikki_wed_0884 ozzie_nikki_wed_0887 ozzie_nikki_wed_0888 ozzie_nikki_wed_0889 ozzie_nikki_wed_0890 ozzie_nikki_wed_0891 ozzie_nikki_wed_0892 ozzie_nikki_wed_0893 ozzie_nikki_wed_0894 ozzie_nikki_wed_0895 ozzie_nikki_wed_0896 ozzie_nikki_wed_0897 ozzie_nikki_wed_0898 ozzie_nikki_wed_0899 ozzie_nikki_wed_0900 ozzie_nikki_wed_0901 ozzie_nikki_wed_0902 ozzie_nikki_wed_0903 ozzie_nikki_wed_0904 ozzie_nikki_wed_0905 ozzie_nikki_wed_0906 ozzie_nikki_wed_0907 ozzie_nikki_wed_0908 ozzie_nikki_wed_0909 ozzie_nikki_wed_0910 ozzie_nikki_wed_0911 ozzie_nikki_wed_0912 ozzie_nikki_wed_0913 ozzie_nikki_wed_0914 ozzie_nikki_wed_0915 ozzie_nikki_wed_0916 ozzie_nikki_wed_0917 ozzie_nikki_wed_0918 ozzie_nikki_wed_0919 ozzie_nikki_wed_0920 ozzie_nikki_wed_0921 ozzie_nikki_wed_0922 ozzie_nikki_wed_0923 ozzie_nikki_wed_0925 ozzie_nikki_wed_0926 ozzie_nikki_wed_0927 ozzie_nikki_wed_0928 ozzie_nikki_wed_0929 ozzie_nikki_wed_0930 ozzie_nikki_wed_0931 ozzie_nikki_wed_0932 ozzie_nikki_wed_0933 ozzie_nikki_wed_0934 ozzie_nikki_wed_0935 ozzie_nikki_wed_0936 ozzie_nikki_wed_0937 ozzie_nikki_wed_0938 ozzie_nikki_wed_0939 ozzie_nikki_wed_0940 ozzie_nikki_wed_0941 ozzie_nikki_wed_0942 ozzie_nikki_wed_0943 ozzie_nikki_wed_0944


Highlight Reel #OzandNik2012

10 Apr

Hey guys! It’s definitely been a while since our last post… I guess you can say that we’ve just been enjoying life and each other since the wedding. But we write bearing great news. We finally received our wedding highlight reel!!! The footage came out great, and the final product was definitely worth the wait. We also have a longer format video of all the important moments, but this is just a teaser clip of all the fun. We hope you enjoy.

june 5th

5 Jun

It’s been a minute since our last post, and boy have we been busy! Wedding day is upon us! 19 days to be exact. I can’t believe it’s already been 1 year to date that I said “yes!” We apologize for not keeping you all up to date on our blog, but at the same time, we want the last few details of the wedding to be a surprise 🙂 But all wedding things aside, I wanted to share something…(for you bubbs)

Today is my favorite holiday (second to Christmas…and even better than my own birthday)! It’s our 11-year anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us!

To my heart…

Thank you for being the man that you are today. 11 years later, and I am still whole-heartedly in love with you. Over the years, we have both grown in ourselves and with each other, and I feel absolutely blessed that we can still hold hands and walk together in this lifetime. We’ve had our ups and downs, and at the end of the day, we are still 11 years strong. If ever soul mates existed, I thank God that you are mine. Everyday you still inspire me to be a better person. Thank you for being more humble and less selfish than I…thank you for your kindness, and for your prayer. I love that you are a God-fearing man who always thinks of others before yourself. With that said, you are the most considerate and generous person I know, and you deserve every good thing in this world! I could not ask for an ounce more of happiness with you, and I thank you for always meeting me half way.

Our life together, however imperfect, is perfect in every way. I love that I can’t wait to see you after work, and I love that even then, all I want to do is greet you at the door and breathe you in, and ask you how your day was. I love that you wake up way too early in the morning and think about what you’re going to do that day, never wanting to miss a beat (or even nap, in fear that you will lol). I love that you always pray, and tell me to “shhh” if you’re in the middle of it. I love our wrestle and playtime when I “accidentally” gouge your skin and I can always get away with it 😛 lol. I love hitting your head with a water bottle and hearing the sound it makes LOL. I love snuggling. I love your smell. I absolutely LOVE our laughs!

I just love you. With all my heart! I want to scream from the top of my lungs for the whole world to know, and I want to sing all the cheesiest and greatest love songs ever made in the car. That’s all there is to it. There’s no defining it, no judging it. Just plain & simple, like you and I. I love you.

Today, I’m thanking our higher power for you.

And just like I said, I now want to sing and dance! let’s all click below and sing 😉

cameras & kisses

10 Apr

One of the best wedding decisions we’ve made so far? Choosing Studio Castillero as our photographers! Not only did we LOVE the way our pictures turned out, but we had a fantastic time shooting with the ever so awesome duo, Rachel and Rico Castillero. We had the opportunity to meet the pair a month ago, and they were absolutely the most down-to-earth, cool couple. We met them at their lovely home and hashed it up from the second we walked through the door. We couldn’t have asked for a better duo to capture our relationship through photo.

Our engagement shoot was done in San Diego at a state park recommended by lovely Rachel. We had communicated to her prior to the shoot that we wanted a natural setting, nothing too loud…nothing that would distract the eye, but rather capture US. And boy she did not disappoint! She found the perfect little location, the sun was setting, I loved my dress (lol)..it was perfect. We thought at first it might be awkward. You know…take our picture? pose? Uhhh…awkward?! lol But that wasn’t the case with these two at all! We felt completely comfortable in front of the camera…they made us laugh, a lot. And we kissed…a lot (sorry Rachel & Rico…lol). Thanks again for a lovely time…and without further ado, some of our favorites 🙂

recycle & reUse

2 Apr

I must, I must, I MUST internet blast the wonderful world of The Long Beach Depot for Creative ReUSe. For anyone who loves to craft, go there now! I walked into this place and I was immediately obsessed. The Depot is just what it sounds like…any and everything you can think of that might be thought of as junk, can be re-used, and it WILL be found in this place. Anything from old pen caps, to buttons, to old sewing patterns, and bottle caps, etc. The store recycles random materials for the creators re-invention. Super eco-friendly. Not only can you find the most random materials for sale, but you end up paying little to nothing for any project imaginable. We came here to look for vintage materials to use for wedding decor, and I will admit that I was a bit distracted. With that said, I did find what I was looking for, and I will be back in the future to rummage through all their riches 🙂