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cameras & kisses

10 Apr

One of the best wedding decisions we’ve made so far? Choosing Studio Castillero as our photographers! Not only did we LOVE the way our pictures turned out, but we had a fantastic time shooting with the ever so awesome duo, Rachel and Rico Castillero. We had the opportunity to meet the pair a month ago, and they were absolutely the most down-to-earth, cool couple. We met them at their lovely home and hashed it up from the second we walked through the door. We couldn’t have asked for a better duo to capture our relationship through photo.

Our engagement shoot was done in San Diego at a state park recommended by lovely Rachel. We had communicated to her prior to the shoot that we wanted a natural setting, nothing too loud…nothing that would distract the eye, but rather capture US. And boy she did not disappoint! She found the perfect little location, the sun was setting, I loved my dress (lol)..it was perfect. We thought at first it might be awkward. You know…take our picture? pose? Uhhh…awkward?! lol But that wasn’t the case with these two at all! We felt completely comfortable in front of the camera…they made us laugh, a lot. And we kissed…a lot (sorry Rachel & Rico…lol). Thanks again for a lovely time…and without further ado, some of our favorites 🙂