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sunday funday :)

30 Oct

Just wanted to…correction, I just HAD to post a quick blog before work about this video I found! I LOVE love stories, and I especially LOVE when they make me cry. Ozzie knows this and will roll his eyes about how many wedding/engagement videos I watch daily. But I can’t help it…my favorite emotion is the one that can make me cry and cry (happy tears, ok guys?! lol). I especially enjoy how love can bring out the creativity in someone. With that said, check out this suuuuper cute proposal video made by inFocus Cinema, for musician Jason Min’s proposal. He totally wrote this song for her, and I’m so in love with it. Enjoy!


eat, drink, be married.

13 Oct

Ahhh!! The last 2 months have been crazzzzy busy! But it’s definitely keeping us on our toes. In reference to hubby’s last post, I am absolutely blessed to have him as my backbone. He is so involved in the planning process, and it definitely helps to keep me pushing forward. Isn’t he so cute? 😛

So what’s been going on? Well in a nutshell…in the last 3 weeks, I’ve managed to celebrate Ozzie’s birthday, plan a bachelorette party, contact our wedding caterers, and begin the search for our photographer and my wedding dress! Easy, yes? No! In the in-between, I’ve managed to work an extra shift or two at work, and work out with my trainer on my off days. Am I giving myself kudos and a pat on the back? Well as of now while I’m writing this blog, yes I am! We’ll see about tomorrow 😉 .

We’ve got our venues, so now it’s time think: eat, drink, and be merry. I don’t know about most people, but when I go to a wedding, one of the main things I bring back as a memory is the grub…the food…the sustenance! With that said, we really want to treat our guests to some lip-smacking, finger-lickin’ comfort food. Here we go again, trying to get a little creative, while still keeping our budget in mind. We’re not giving away any details on the main fare, but we will say that we’ve narrowed our second caterers down to three different companies, and have already had the opportunity to go to one food tasting. I LOVE food tastings! Compliments to the chef at Contemporary Catering for filling our belly with some gourmet goodness! One tasting down…two more to go!

We’ve got so much to blog about…our DIY projects, our thrift store collection (which is quickly turning our home into an antique junk storage :)), my dress search (I’ve finally begun my search!), and my best friend’s wedding (which is coming up in three weeks)! Let’s go!