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a happy new year, indeed!

7 Jan

First off, Happy New Years to ALL of our friends & family! We hope your holidays were just as joyous as ours. We got to spend a lot of time with our families during this time, and it just makes us more excited to continue on with our journey ahead. 2011 was a wonderful year…traveled to Costa Rica with great friends, conquered Disney World, beach-bummed in Miami, got engaged!, two of my best friends got hitched, and Oz got a great new job opportunity! Now we’re so excited to kick off the new year because in about six months, we will officially be a ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ That also means CRUNCH TIME, and yes, we’re already starting to feel the pressure. Again, we’re so luckily to have our family and our friends around to help us with the little bit of planning we have left to do. 2012 has already gotten a great start…

Since our last post, we were able to welcome Studio Castillero and Rainbow Fish Cinema into our family of vendors. First off, I will say that I am super excited about our photographers and their unique, editorial style of shooting. Rachel Castillero has been nothing but down-to-earth and easy to contact, and for that we are so thankful. We can’t wait to meet them, and have a fun little engagement shoot before the big day! Secondly, our cinematographers over at RainbowFish Cinema rock!  Before we got to sit down and meet with them over a cup of coffee, I did my share in research of wedding videographers. I swear I must’ve watched over 100 wedding videos during this time, and almost each one of them made me cry! This is really the reason why we wanted a unique cinematographer to capture our day…we want to remember the sounds, the emotion, the laughter, and the love that goes on on our wedding day. When I found RainbowFish Cinema, I immediately noticed their travel resume through video, and I thought ‘oh man, these guys are right up my alley…!’ One of my favorite videos of theirs, is a wedding they shot in Bali, Indonesia…so beautiful! Well after a cup of coffee, and  meeting with Mike & Kenny, we were hooked. Mike and Kenny are so down-to-earth, and made us feel so comfortable and excited about our wedding day. They reminded us that above everything else that goes on during the wedding, to remember that the day is about us and about our love for each other. We can’t wait to have these two awesome vendors capture our day! Here’s just a sneak peek of our photographers work below, which was recently featured in Style Me Pretty’s Best of Weddings of 201 1 🙂