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a “painting party”

2 Apr

Still playing “catch up” with these blogs! Back in January, both Oz and I had a week off from work to get a head start on some of our handmade projects. We both knew we couldn’t do it alone, so we conjured up a bunch of our friends and family to join in on the action and called it a “painting party!” God only knows what they got themselves into, LOL. We had a little sweatshop going in my parents front yard 😉 Everything from sanding, to breaking windows/glass, to painting, then sanding again…you name it, we did it. While we didn’t get to finish everything all in one day, we definitely made progress. And we couldn’t have done it without the best team in the world…check out some of the day’s events.

no ones hard work goes un-noticed…we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys….

Mom, thanks for feeding the hungry and tired
Dad, thanks for supervising and getting your hands dirty too
Leroi, thanks working magic with the chicken wire
Thuy, thanks for painting and telling me everything looks cute! lol
Camille, thanks for literally getting down in the grass and helping with EVERYTHING!
Kristoffer, thanks for doing everything I say lol
Sherry, thanks for always being down for whatever
Jennie, thanks for wanting to be creative with me all the time
Dustin, thanks for sanding all the doors despite a broken arm =/
Jessica, thanks for helping us paint even in ur cute clothes lol
Ryan, thanks for snapping some pics and the home depot run
thanks to everyone who helped behind the scenes so far!

to my bubbs…thanks for being you, and for allowing us to have our dream wedding 🙂