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sweet november

11 Nov

A long and wonderful year of laughter, tears, and planning, turned into nothing short of a perfect wedding day at Disney! On November 6, 2011 my best friend got hitched, and it’s a bittersweet November to see it all come and go. It’s been such a blessing to be a part of this wedding, not only because Liss is my best friend, but also because I was also friends with Ray, and was able to be part of and witness their growth from the very beginning. From the moment they got engaged, it’s been a fun rollercoaster of planning. Check out some of the DIY elements of the big day, everything from the place cards, to the programs, to the fun homemade Mickey Mouse cakepops. Days like these are the best 🙂

Weeks before the wedding, here we were embossing away, and testing the Mickey Mouse cakepops 🙂


The Day

November 6, 2011, forecast: rainy. Ahh! Getting ready early in the morning, looking out through the balcony doors at Disney’s Grand California hotel was not easy. It rained all morning! Liss and Ray’s ceremony was set to be outdoors in the Rose Court Garden of the Disney Hotel, but being Disney…there’s always a back-up plan, of course. Although Liss is a lover of the rain, this is not how she imagined her wedding day to turn out. And although almost in tears, Liss’ final decision: the show will go on outdoors. I will say it was a little fun trying to text 120 people to let them know that the ceremony would continue outdoors with the postscript: “please bring your umbrellas.” I loved Liss’ persistence and determination throughout the mornings events, and I’m so proud of her. Even in the last seconds, the poor bride was seen peeking through the hotels curtains, praying for a miracle. In the last 20 minutes before the ceremony, by a miracle of God, the rain stopped and the sun even started to peek through the clouds. I’m getting teary-eyed writing this because it was truly God shining down on Liss and Ray this day, and everything turned out so perfectly. In fact, it was more than a beautiful, crisp, & sweet November day.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Villasin! The fairy tale is yours…

Check out this fun slideshow by Ryan of VISUALPROSPECT. So cute! We might have to use you, Ry! 😉


our love journey, our blog…

5 Jul
Today marks exactly ONE month since we’ve been engaged, so how perfect to have today be our first blog entry. Yay! I’m so excited to share this time in our lives with everyone. It’s been a short and AMAZING 10 years since we’ve been together. And since I can’t shout it at the top of my lungs to the world, what better way to continue to share, than to BLOG! This is Nikki, by the way 🙂

I’m soo elated and blessed to be marrying my best friend, and really the man of my dreams…he’s such a hottie! =P Every girl says they’ve planned their dream wedding since they were a little girl, and I swear I thought I had this wedding planned out since before we even graduated high school lol. I have the wedding magazines to prove it! I loved the anticipation of waiting to get engaged and I dreamed it would happen soon. Now one month into our engagement, I suddenly find myself saying “what do we do next?” A LOT. Really?! My dream came true, and now I’m almost clueless? what the?! lol. Well it’s time to do some real planning now. And it’s going to be so much fun (and I’m sure a little stressful at times).

That’s where this blog comes in. Ozzie and I both like to think that we are a pretty creative twosome, and we have so many fun ideas for our wedding! We wanna share everything from the decisions, the venue-hunting, the fabulous vintage finds, the DIY-wedding projects, and the collaboration amongst our friends and family whom help us create this special day. We hope you enjoy our journey 🙂