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heritage museums

8 Aug

We love the idea of using state parks, museums, or natural/historic centers for our wedding venue because it’s very eco-friendly and green. With that said, any of the above mentioned venues take a portion, if not all of the proceeds and donates it for preservation and/or education, etc. On top of that, all national and state parks, museums, and historic centers are super budget-friendly, just fyi for future brides. 😉 In fact, we looked at two outdoor heritage museums, one being in Orange County, and the other being in greater Los Angeles.

Heritage Museum of Orange County

This museum is located in a quiet pocket in Santa Ana, and is surrounded by lots of trees, perfect for an outdoor ceremony/reception. The site hosts up to 250 people, and what we loved most about this place are the options! Besides having a gorgeous backdrop of trees and historic houses, there are several open garden spaces to choose from whether you choose to have your ceremony under the garden gazebo, or just your reception in the canopied brick patio.

Heritage Square Museum, Los Angeles

If this museum wasn’t so far of a drive for us, it would definitely make my TOP TWO choices for our wedding venues! I absolutely fell in love with this outdoor location. It is very similar to the above mentioned Heritage Museum of Orange County, except the scenery is a little more colorful and vintage-looking. It has all the components I love, including the romantic under-the-trees setting, along with the quirky, colorful vintage backdrop that makes it so much fun. I totally saw a lot of creative potential for this venue, and still keep it in mind. 🙂


craven’s estate

25 Jul

We visited the Craven’s Estate in Pasadena and not only is the location beautiful, but the neighborhood surrounding the estate is gorgeous! Definitely, a hidden gem in this quiet neighborhood. The estate itself can be used for smaller, intimate weddings indoors, and larger weddings outdoors. It has several medium-sized rooms, which can accommodate about less than 100 people/seated in each room. Outdoors, the lot accommodates about 250 people/seated. As a whole, the estate is very versatile, which we loved. It’s definitely a blank canvas, worth considering as one of our options!

marvimon and smogshoppe

23 Jul

So the official hunt for a wedding venue has already begun! It’s only been a month and a half, but we’ve already visited several possible venues, and although we have “the one” in mind, we want to keep our final decision a surprise until it’s “finalized.” 😉

One of things we decided early on was that we are not a traditional couple, and we want to be a little different, keeping budget-friendly venues in mind. With that said, I still want something very romantic and vintage-inspired, while Ozzie likes a little bit of a modern and urban swing. Can it be done? Yes, it can! Anything is possible, and I think we did a good job with our venue-hunt. So we will be posting several of the sites we’ve already visited, and will also keep you updated on our final decision!

The Marvimon and Smogshoppe

We LOVED these two sister venues, which are perfectly set in the heart of Los Angeles. We were lucky enough to visit both during wedding rehearsals, and the venues really speak for themselves. While these two venues don’t quite fit into a “low-budget” wedding category, it is not too out-of-this world either. You wouldn’t have to do much decorating, and they are both very urban, vintage, and eco-friendly. I loved all the little details from the brick walls, to the potted succulents (I’m a sucker for succulents!), and old wooden tables, which are provided by the venue. The venue is very reminiscent of an intimate family gathering or a fun cocktail party with all your closest friends. Marvimon accommodates about 120 guests/seated, while Smogshoppe is a little bigger and can accommodate 175 guests/seated. Not sure if that fits our guestlist of about 225, but you never know. Nonetheless, these venues are so fun and unique! Let us know what you think!