lost & Found

7 Dec

We’re about half-way there, it’s nearing the end of 2011, AND it’s Christmas time. This has definitely been the busiest year ever, but all in the name of love! Nearing the six-month mark, we pretty much have most of our major vendors booked, and are hoping that in the next few months we will be able to focus solely on our DIY-projects. No procrastinating! As we mentioned before, we are going for a vintage-romantic look for the wedding, and we are hoping that every little piece we bring into our celebration doesn’t go unnoticed. With that said, we have been very detail-oriented as far as planning the decor. This has been the most fun so far!

We’ve been scouring thrift shops and flea markets, and have a great collection already, but for bigger pieces, we considered an alternative to buying and storing in our own home. Big couch in the dining room? No, thank you :P. That’s where Found Vintage Rentals comes in. Located in Fullerton, Found is a rental company that rents everything from vintage glass jars and crates, to old doors, to vintage wingbacks and couches for all events. However, their specialty is weddings and wedding design, and they have been featured over and over in several bridal magazines and blogs. Ozzie and I visited their warehouse a couple months ago, and I swear I wanted to move into it! Either that, or stuff everything in my pocket lol. Check out some of our iphone-ography from our visit 😉

It was very easy to make an appointment to talk about design and to take a glance at their vast collection. Ozzie and I definitely used our meeting as inspiration, and are still in the process of doing our own “finding.” When the time comes, we definitely know who to go to for extras. Here are a few photos of Found’s featured design and collection for you to drool over…


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